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Keeping Your Restaurant On Its Toes

When you run a business like a restaurant, it can be easy to get complacent about the details. Your employees might be used to you checking in on them during certain times of the week, or you might get comfortable with your same old menu. Unfortunately, if your place stays exactly the same, customers can lose interest—which can be bad for business. I want you to know what you need to do to make your restaurant beautiful, functional, and relevant, which is why I made this site. Here, you will learn key strategies for perfecting your business, so that you don't end up with a mess on your hands.

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Keeping Your Restaurant On Its Toes

    Making Fish Tacos Taste Like They're From A Restaurant

    Once you've had excellent fish tacos at a restaurant, your life will never be the same again. Good fish tacos are a wonderful indulgence. Between the tender fish, the chewy tortilla, and the incredible white sauce drizzled over the top, this food hits every part of your palate. So, why don't the fish tacos you make at home taste this good? It is possible to make restaurant-style fish tacos at home, but you'll have to follow these tips.

    Three Different Types of Beef That You'll Find in Some Authentic Mexican Eateries

    When you visit a Mexican restaurant, you'll commonly see beef presented in two ways — ground beef and steak. Ground beef nachos, steak tacos, and several other dishes are popular choices that you may have enjoyed many times over the years. It can be fun to seek out an authentic Mexican eatery that presents beef in a number of other ways. While ordering these dishes might take a little courage at first, you may find that you're excited to try something new.

    Gourmet Menu Ideas For A Small Wedding

    According to a popular wedding planning website, the average cost of a wedding in America is over $31,000 dollars. While that's great if you can afford it, realistically, many couples cannot. Some can afford it but simply prefer to save money towards a home. Others still prefer a small, intimate gathering, where they truly have the time to spend with all of their guests. With a larger wedding, oftentimes corners are cut at the reception as this comprises 40-50 percent of the overall wedding budget.

    3 Cool Catering Ideas For Halloween

    As Halloween approaches, there are fun parties and events that need to be catered. Whether it's for a corporate event or a child's party, the right catering techniques, food and decorations make a difference. Here are three ideas for catering parties for adults, kids and others.  Create a Spooky Bar Scene Adults love a drink or two, so creating a Halloween-themed bar scene is sure to draw a crowd. Consider using dyes to color cocktails or liquor red, use dry ice to create smoking drinks, or use accessories like eyeball toothpicks to make any beverage stand out.

    4 Delicious Vegetarian Entrées To Try At An Indian Restaurant

    If you're not a meat eater, then you will really enjoy eating at an Indian restaurant. Indian cuisine is great for vegetarians because there are many entrees that don't include meat. Some meals are rich with cream sauces and cheese, while others are more appropriate for the health conscious people who want to avoid dairy. Below you will find four really tasty meals. Two are rich and have dairy, while the other two are great choices for people looking for healthy meals that don't have cream or cheese.

    Two Delicious Pasta Recipes That Are Great for Catered Parties

    Pasta is a popular choice for catered parties and banquet-style meals since it appeals to an array of tastes and is easy to keep warm in a chafing dish. But the traditional choices, like spaghetti and macaroni and cheese, can get a bit boring. Here are two delicious pasta recipes that make enough for a large group. These dishes are also easy to transport if you're catering off-site. Baked Ziti Alfredo with Bacon and Green Onions

    Three Tips for Stretching Your Pizza Budget When Ordering for a Party

    Pizza from a pizza restaurant such as Tony & Joe's Pizzeria can be the perfect thing to serve at a party. Lots of people like it, and ordering pizza doesn't require any cooking or stress. Pizza is easy to serve and eat while socializing, and it's an affordable option for feeding a crowd. Even though it can be a relatively affordable choice, however, the cost can still add up when you're feeding a large group.

    Eating Vegan At An Italian Restaurant: Tips For You

    When you decide to take the step to change your lifestyle and become a vegan, you know that dining out will be a bigger challenge than it was before you made the change. However, being vegan does not have to mean that you can never enjoy a nice meal out with friends or family. If you are invited to a dinner at an Italian restaurant, you may be hesitant about accepting out of fear that you will not be able to find any vegan options.