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Keeping Your Restaurant On Its Toes

3 Cool Catering Ideas For Halloween

by Julio Myers

As Halloween approaches, there are fun parties and events that need to be catered. Whether it's for a corporate event or a child's party, the right catering techniques, food and decorations make a difference. Here are three ideas for catering parties for adults, kids and others. 

Create a Spooky Bar Scene

Adults love a drink or two, so creating a Halloween-themed bar scene is sure to draw a crowd. Consider using dyes to color cocktails or liquor red, use dry ice to create smoking drinks, or use accessories like eyeball toothpicks to make any beverage stand out. 

For decoration, bowls shaped like bats, pumpkins or skulls make an impression, while using spoons or stirrers with bony skeleton handles is an interesting touch. The bar itself could have draped veiling for a mummified effect. 

Always remember to have ice on hand when you make drinks; silicone ice trays come in many designs like bats, rats, eyeballs, and others, so everyone gets a clever surprise in their drinks. 

Make A Ghostly Dinner Party

For kids a little too young for a full-on scary dinnertime, a ghostly dinner party could help introduce Halloween without being too scary. Choose to serve everything on a ghost-white tablecloth and opt to drape some cloths around the room from the ceiling for an added touch. If you have a fan, consider hanging small ghosts from the unit, so they can "fly" through the air when it's on. 

Kids don't like foods that look too scary, so opt for interesting shapes of macaroni or noodles; around Halloween, there are ghost, bat, pumpkin and other shaped macaroni for sale. For dessert, considering making mud sundaes with worms; place gummy worms in vanilla ice cream to make them look like they're crawling out of the cup or bowl. Then, add crushed Oreo crumbs on top to create the illusion of dirt. 

Engage In a Mummy's Date Night

Another good idea for Halloween is an all-women's date night using a mummy theme. Wraps, like tortillas and soft tacos, stick to the theme, while silverware is wrapped in gauze for a mummified touch. Mummies were once royalty, so consider adding ice "gems" to drinks; they come in realistic gem-like shapes. Drinks could also benefit from the addition of edible glitters, which makes them look like there's gold inside. 

Whether it's for a fun party at home or a corporate event, these tips can create the mood you're going for at your catered event.