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Keeping Your Restaurant On Its Toes

Questions To Ask When Hiring A Catering Company

by Julio Myers

Hiring a catering company is generally the easiest way to make sure everyone at your party or gathering is well fed. It's a lot easier to let someone else do the cooking and serving! In most areas, there are multiple catering companies to choose from. So, it's worth calling around and asking each company a few questions before picking a caterer for your party. Here are the key questions to ask.

Does the company serve the food? 

Most catering companies have staff members who will stay on-site and serve the food to your guests. However, some do just drop food off and leave customers to serve it themselves. Be sure to ask which approach the catering company takes — or if they let customers choose. This way, you can pick a company whose services truly suit your needs on the day of the party.

How long before the party will they need a final head count?

Catering companies have to order the food they prepare for you. So, it can be hard for them to make adjustments to the amount of food they're providing without a lot of notice. Different caterers will have different cutoffs, depending on when their suppliers deliver to them. Ask how soon before the party you'll have to give them a final head count, as this will tell you when you need guests to RSVP by. If your guests tend to respond late, then you want to hire a caterer who requires less notice.

Will they display the food, and how?

Ask how the food will be displayed. Will it just be in metal serving containers, or will the catering company arrange it somehow? This is more common with things like charcuterie boards and sandwich trays than with hot dishes. Still, it's good to get an idea of what the food will look like on the serving table to ensure it fits your party's vibe.

Do they bring dishes, silverware, and napkins?

Most catering companies do provide silverware, napkins, and utensils. However, it's still good to check. Also, ask whether they provide disposable or reusable ones. If you don't like eating with plastic silverware or it doesn't fit the mood of your party, you'll need to hire a caterer that lends out real silverware.

If you ask the questions above, you'll get to know more about the catering company you're thinking about hiring. Talk to a few companies, and make your choice