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Keeping Your Restaurant On Its Toes

Unique Authentic Mexican Dishes

by Julio Myers

American Mexican restaurants typically serve up popular fare like chips and salsa, burritos, or taco salads. But in Mexico, there are plenty of traditional dishes that families eat you might not find in most US Mexican restaurants. If you're planning to visit Mexico or you're looking for a restaurant that is authentic, take a look at these beloved Mexican dishes and try them for yourself.


This dish is a popular breakfast dish made of corn tortillas topped with eggs and either green or red salsa. The tortillas are cut into small pieces and the dish is served with a delicious cream sauce. Chicken and cheese are also commonly added. The popular side dish for this breakfast entree is frijoles, also known as refried beans.


Pozole is a traditional Mexican soup that has been said to be in existence for thousands of years. Today's version includes a nice helping of chicken or pork and there are vegetarian versions available as well. The soup also features hominy corn and fresh spices. The soup simmers overnight so the meat is tender and the flavors have time to meld. In Mexico, most people also add a spritz of fresh lime and a handful of fresh onions.

Tacos al Pastor

Most people think of ground beef, lettuce, and tomato when they think of tacos. But Tacos al Pastor is a taco with a twist. With this version, thin strips of pork that have been cooked on a spit are added to the tortilla, along with fresh coriander and pineapple for a tropical twist.

Mole Sauce

You can often find mole (pronounced mole-ay) in many US restaurants, and it's becoming much more popular these days. The sauce has about twenty different ingredients that are blended together. The type of peppers used in making mole can depend on the color of the sauce, and all ingredients are simmered for along time and then blended together. The result is a rich and flavorful addition to chicken dishes and other favorite Mexican meals.


Most often found on the West Coast of the US, tamales are a hit among fans of real Mexican food. First created by the Aztec and Inca tribes, they served as a portable snack for warriors going into battle. Tamales are small pockets of dough made from corn and stuffed with meat fillings. Then, they are wrapped with a corn husk and steamed until hot. Other fillings include cheese or fruits and vegetables.

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