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Keeping Your Restaurant On Its Toes

Buying In Bulk: Can Your Commercial Refrigerator Handle It?

by Julio Myers

It is a very popular thing to buy in bulk these days. All kinds of businesses get special privileges with their bulk store memberships. As a restaurant, this may be a trickier thing to do, since you have to keep your bulk meats and produce in your commercial refrigerator, like one from Hy-Point Restaurant Equipment & Supplies Inc.. Here is how to save money by buying bulk foods and get your walk-in fridge to keep it all fresh.

Make Sure Your Commercial Refrigerator Is Ready for Bulk

To make sure your commercial refrigerator can handle bulk, you might want to install several shelving units inside it. The adjustable kind are the best because then you can fit and squeeze heads of lettuce and larger quantities of bagged produce on the shelves and adjust them up or down for the amount you have purchased.

Also, make sure all of your shelving and bulk boxes are out of the way of all the blowers in the refrigerator. Since you will be putting more food into this space than ever before, the refrigerator will have to work a little bit harder to keep everything cool, and the only way to do that is to keep all air passages into your walk-in free and clear of blockages.

Have a Separate Freezer for Bulk Meats

You can buy a half or a whole cow at a time from bulk merchants, but you better make sure you have the right place to store it and a chef that knows how to cut it up. Additionally, you cannot store raw meat, fully frozen or partially thawed, in the same place as your produce. It is a major health hazard.

Even if you plan to chop up and use an entire half of a cow in one night at your restaurant, the meat still needs its own freezer. That freezer has to be set to freeze, too, and not just refrigerate like your commercial refrigerator does.

Buy Bulk Every Third Day and Maintain Your Cold Storage

You can continue to save by buying bulk foods for your restaurant and buying more every third day. This way, your commercial refrigerator and freezers will remain full of fresh food (except for meat, which needs to stay frozen until use) and there will be less waste.

Always have at least one employee check your walk-ins/commercial refrigerators daily and toss anything that is more than a couple days old. Keep up with any maintenance your cold storage needs, and the walk-ins should be able to handle your bulk purchases just fine.