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Keeping Your Restaurant On Its Toes

5 Ways Tableside POS And Ordering Helps Restaurants

by Julio Myers

Want to know more about one of the newest tricks of the trade that's helping hot new restaurants to turn a profit? If you're trying to run a restaurant in a competitive area, read on to see how mobile tableside point-of-sale can help your business.

Dealing with the Waiting Puzzle

In one sense, tableside POS can be one tool for controlling the wait times that customers experience. Some restaurants using conventional bill systems do this by training servers well, and that's okay, but POS that is portable can also be an additional tool.

Less Labor

If your restaurant is busy, you probably have one or more servers who feel like they're always trying to do three things at once. Eliminating this last hop to the central point-of-sale system just might leave them more energized and happier about their jobs.

Non-Traditional Payment

Let's face it -- tableside point-of-sale systems are impressive. You see a server with one of these things, and you're immediately thinking of the restaurant as a classy, modern place. Restaurants like the Dunraven Inn can choose to invest in either classy paper, physical bill holders, or POS models to dress up the service and provide an image of excellence.

Accomplishing Add-ons

Restaurants are always trying to entice customers to try daily specials, do upgrades, or add items to their check. Mobile POS systems can help by showing the server a visual menu of options. Servers click buttons instead of having to write everything down on a pad. That means there's less chance of errors, and servers are better able to get customers to order the way you want them to.

Order Direct to Kitchen

There's also an extent to which tableside POS can help take orders back to the kitchen. Good communication is often a combination of good people and the formats and strategies they rely on to effectively pass on information. Here, tableside POS is one option for putting together a system that cooks, prepares, and serves that others are comfortable with so that they can do their jobs well and serve customers.

These are some of the big ways that modern mobile systems help restaurants succeed. Think about upgrading to one of these vendor choices as part of a plan to invest in new technology for a restaurant business. New options help to provide more versatility for restaurant managers who want to optimize and make service more efficient in general.