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Keeping Your Restaurant On Its Toes

Tips for Eating Gluten-free at Mexican Restaurants

by Julio Myers

When someone asks you to go out to eat a Mexican restaurant, do you instantly get anxious because you're not sure if they will have gluten-free food? If so, you should instead educate yourself as to what you can and cannot eat at a Mexican restaurant. Here are two tips to help you learn what to order and eat at a restaurant that serves Mexican food.


Almost all Mexican restaurants serve chips and salsa as an appetizer, and you don't even have to ask for these things. They will just automatically bring them out, but can you eat them? The big question to ask before answering this is what the chips are made of. Tortilla chips can be made from corn or flour tortillas, and you may want to ask the restaurant just to be on the safe side.

If they are made from flour tortillas, you cannot eat them, because flour contains gluten. On the other hand, eating chips made from corn tortillas is usually safe, because corn does not typically contain gluten.

The other question to ask is whether they make them there or buy them. If they buy them, you could ask to read the label. If they make them there, you may want to ask if they fry them with other foods. If so, the chips may not contain gluten; however, they may have been exposed to foods that do.

Salsa typically does not contain any gluten, so you are safe to eat this, or you could ask for a bowl of guacamole to dip your chips in. Guacamole is also a gluten-free food that is safe to eat.

The Main Menu

There are a variety of foods you can choose from that will not contain gluten, but you must be selective with the meat you choose. While meat does not contain gluten, the marinades used for it often do. To be safe, you could order a meatless entrée that contains corn tortillas, fresh vegetables, and salsa or guacamole.

Other foods that are safe to eat include refried beans, cheese, rice, and sour cream. If you can select a dish that contains all of these ingredients, you will not have to worry about accidentally consuming gluten.

Eating out can be more difficult if you cannot eat gluten, but there are always options. Contact restaurants like El Dorado Mexican Restaurant and ask if they offer gluten-free menus to get a better idea of your options. Hopefully you'll see that it's a lot easier than you thought to enjoy good food and avoid gluten.