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Keeping Your Restaurant On Its Toes

The Different Categories Of American Food To Try

by Julio Myers

America is a melting pot of different countries that brought cuisine from their native lands. American food is influenced by cultures that hail from all over the world. Although our food is born out of all the different people who settled here, there is a lot of food that was created here in the United States and is uniquely American. Beyond just hamburgers and hot dogs, there are several other categories of American cuisine to be explored. Here is a guide to American foods that you just have to try. 

Carnival and street food

We love our carnivals, fairs, and boardwalks here in America. There are lots of different foods that are associated with visiting these fun-filled places. A lot of the foods that you will find here come on a stick so that you can walk around and eat at the same time. Here are the most American items that you are likely to find:  

Cotton Candy

Spun sugar that is made into rainbow hues with food coloring.

Funnel Cakes

Batter is poured through a funnel into oil for frying. The strings of batter are crisscrossed into a circle until the "cake" is big enough. The fried dough is then covered in powdered sugar.

Corn Dogs

Hot dogs that are rolled in a thick, sweet, cornmeal batter then fried.

Southern Food

The southern United States has its own style of cooking that is unique to this area of the country. Sometimes known for all of the cheese, butter, and fried options, southern food can be rich and decadent. These are the most amazing southern foods you should try:

Fried Chicken

Chicken legs, breast, and thighs are rolled in a batter of flour, buttermilk, salt and pepper and then fried in oil. Fried chicken is crispy, delicious and extremely southern. Try it with classic southern side dishes like macaroni and cheese, collard greens, Cole slaw, or mashed potatoes and gravy.


Perhaps the biggest food category that the south is known for is barbeque. If you are visiting the south, barbeque should be number one on your list of southern food to try. Traditional barbeque can be made out of pork, chicken, or beef brisket. The meat is rubbed down with salt and spices then smoked for up to twelve hours in a smoker. Then a sauce that can be tomato, mustard, or mayonnaise based is applied. The typical barbeque sauce is tomato based and has molasses or brown sugar and Worcestershire sauce in it.