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Keeping Your Restaurant On Its Toes

How Can You Tell If Your Mexican Food Is Inauthentic?

by Julio Myers

Although Americanized Mexican cuisine can be delicious in its own right, many diners long to experience authentic, traditional Mexican food as it was meant to be eaten. But how can you tell if your taco is the best Mexican food money can buy, or simply a hollow approximation? These five tell-tale signs all point to Mexican food that has been given a less-than-traditional, American spin. 

Your Food is Served on Flour Tortillas 

Wheat is the staple of American bread products, and because of this it has found a home in many Mexican restaurants. Wheat-based tortillas are not unheard of in Mexico, but they pale in comparison to the use of and love for corn that pervades the country. If you have the option, choose a corn tortilla to really bring out your meal's flavor. 

Your Food is Stuffed With Cheap Lettuce

Many restaurants attempt to lighten up heavy Mexican dishes by stuffing them full of the kind of shredded lettuce and tomatoes that you might find at a fast food restaurant. Vegetables certainly have their place in Mexican cuisine, but the custom of trimming tacos, burritos and enchiladas with sub-par salad is a uniquely American custom to be avoided. 

Your Food is Drowning in Cheese

Coating everything with cheese is a quick and easy way to add flavor to a dish, but it is not a hallmark of traditional Mexican food. American-style enchiladas, for example, are often smothered in grated cheddar cheese and enchilada sauce, whereas Mexican-style enchiladas are typically fried in their sauce and then lightly sprinkled with crumbly, white cheese. These subtle changes can lead to dramatic differences in flavor, and you should not pass up an opportunity to taste these recipes following their original execution. 

Your Food Has No Bite

Not every Mexican dish is spicy, particularly those hailing from the southern regions of the country. The bland dishes that are often passed as Mexican in the United States, however, lack the pepper-infused zest that is so common in traditional fare. Don't be afraid to try food with some kick to it; spicy cuisine is popular all around the world, and billions of people enjoy it on a daily basis. 

Your Food's Portions Are Enormous 

One of the main selling points of Mexican restaurants like La Cabana Mexican Restaurant is that they can provide delicious, nutritious foods at an affordable price. But don't let a restaurant trick you by offering huge plates of sub-standard rice and refried beans. Authentic Mexican food is hearty and filling without forcing you to down vast quantities of empty carbohydrates. By finding a restaurant that sticks to tradition and values quality instead, you can enjoy the authentic flavors of Mexico without even leaving your home town.